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Pfeifer Stories


Source Verified Good Wood®
Source Verified Good Wood®

The Ponderosa Pine used to create our furniture designs is harvested in the Jemez Mountains and the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico, and is certified by Source Verified Good Wood®, an independent third-party organization with a mission to promote sustainability, responsible forest management, and the health of local ecosystems.  [Read More]

Sustainable Urban Wood Furniture
Sustainable Urban Wood Furniture

Our exclusive Urban Wood designs are handmade by our skilled artisans at our workshop in New Mexico, where each pieces is meticulously handcrafted locally sourced Siberian Elm trees. This non-native tree species has become a pervasive force along the Rio Grande Valley, swiftly outcompeting native species and diminishing the ecological balance.  [Read More]

Meet The Artisans
Meet The Artisans

It takes a certain eye to work at Pfeifer Studio – the magic is in the details. Our artisan's knowledge and passion for handcrafted solid wood furniture is evident in every piece we produce. They are experts at drawing out the unique characteristics of the wood, enhancing a design to its fullest.  [Read More]

Naturally Unique
Naturally Unique

Connoisseurs of natural products value the depth and sophistication that comes from the naturally unique. Such pieces feel alive, bearing the deep longstanding beauty of living things. Organic materials that have breathed and thrived, soaking up their environment, possess the marks of their growth and  [Read More]

What Inspires Our Creativity
What Inspires Our Creativity

Real. Traditional. Natural. Fun. Simple. Those are some of the watchwords of Pfeifer Studio. Our designs are useful as well as beautiful. At the end of the day, our clients are specifying our products because they fulfill a need, whether that be a side table upon which to rest a drink, or a place to sit in a  [Read More]

Modern Outdoor Furniture
Modern Exterior Furniture - Take It Outside

Soak up nature without compromising on style by surrounding yourself with inspired design indoors and out. Our exterior furniture is as sculptural, dramatic, and striking as indoor pieces, while durable enough to withstand the elements. Beautiful, functional designs are fabricated in carefully chosen  [Read More]

Custom Design
A Personal Design Studio At Your Fingertips

Handmade is our design philosophy and customization fits naturally into the mix. Realizing our clients' unique ideas takes passion. Creating custom designs that are made for you, and perfectly align with your vision, environment, and specific project needs is what drives us - allowing you to follow your [Read More]

Art Tables
Hand Painted Artist Tables - Art Jumps Off The Wall

Artistry in its many forms is a driving force behind our design sensibility. We create furniture as art and our collection of hand painted tables has become the most literal interpretation of that direction. Influenced by 20th century art, the abstract expressionist movement, and the implementation of creativity [Read More]

Sculptural Turned Wood
Sculptural Turned Wood - Inspired By Artistry

True style resides at the intersection of art and design. When we embark on the creation of a new piece for our exclusive collection of Turned Wood Tables, we view it with an artist’s perspective, a marrying of architecture, sculpture, and furniture. It’s a matter of exacting degrees and dimension, of balancing [Read More]

New Mexico Modern Furniture
Modern West American Furniture

Outside our New Mexico woodshop, stand three fifteen-foot high solar kilns filled with freshly cut pine, spruce, and cottonwood. Faint notes of cinnamon fill the air, a fragrance produced when sap is heated by the sun. Harvested from nearby forests in the north, the wood will remain in  [Read More]

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