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Custom Design

We speak bespoke. Our custom design team will collaborate with you to make your design dreams come true. Our artisan workshops pride themselves on the ability to translate your vision into beautiful objects made with exceptional materials and craftsmanship.

Alter Designs
alter designs

The beauty of our designs is that they are created one at a time. Each one an individual expression of beautiful design, outstanding craftsmanship and superior materials. This allows us to collaborate with you to alter any piece to your specifications and tastes. You can customize many of our gorgeous designs to reflect your unique individual style.

Create Original Designs
create original designs

If you can dream it, draw it or imagine it we can create it for you. Our skilled craftspeople are expert at taking your personal design ideas and creating them with you and for you. It's like having a design studio at your fingertips devoted to making your dreams come true.


Order In Quantity
order in quantity

From a single piece to a full collection, we can supply all your design and fabrication needs with our workshops efficiently, expertly and in the quantities you desire. Speak to us about your needs and design desires. From a single piece to multiples of your designs and ours, we can supply you with the quantity you need and the quality you want.


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We've spent years perfecting our techniques, with methods that are tried, true, and scalable to any project size, so you can sit back and relax while your ideas come to life.


Handmade is our design philosophy and customization fits naturally into the mix. Realizing our clients' unique ideas takes passion. Creating custom designs that are made for you, and perfectly align with your vision, environment, and specific project needs is what drives us - allowing you to follow your imagination and create signature investment pieces of quality and longevity that will last a lifetime. Having access to the full range of our capabilities makes your job easier. We've spent years perfecting our techniques, with methods that are tried and true and scalable to any project size, so you can sit back and relax while your ideas come to life. Collaborating with you to create beautiful, functional works of art with personalized precision down to the smallest detail is our mission.


Featured Custom Designs

Standing Desk
  • Standing Desk


    Ponderosa Pine, Leather
    38 x 58 x 45 H inches
    Espresso Brown
    Made in USA

    A design firm in London commissioned an adjustable height desk for a project in New York City. They provided the concept and several inspiraiton images and we handeled the rest.

Oak Console Table
  • Oak Console Table


    White Oak, Exterior Grade Laminate
    18 x 72 x 30 H inches
    Made in USA

    The beatury of solid White Oak takes center stage on this minimlist console fitted with an exterior-grade laminate top, commissioned by a Los Angeles design firm for a hotel project in Hollywood.

Multi Cube Low Table
  • Multi Cube Low Table


    Ponderosa Pine
    24 x 60 x 16 H inches
    Made in USA

    Commissioned by a design firm in San Francisco and created at several sizes for a hotel project in Hawaii, these unique cube tables were pieced together from textured Pine wood with a sleek ebony finish.

Solid Teak Shower Bench
  • Shower Bench


    18 x 24 x 18 H inches
    Made in India

    Created for the showers of a high end West Coast hotel, these minimlaist benches were fabricated at our Indian workshop in durable Teak wood, strong enough to stand up to heavy commercial use, not to mention a near constant stream of water.

Free Form Low Table
  • Free Form Low Table


    Ponderosa Pine
    40 x 24 x 18 H inches
    Made in USA

    This beautiful free flowing shape was born from a concept submitted by a discerning interior designer. Our talented craftspeople, first took to paper and then to the wood shop to bring the design to life.

Custom Ameboa Table
  • Custom Ameboa Table


    Ponderosa Pine
    30 x 48 x 16 H inches
    Natural, Ebony
    Made in USA

    Pulled from the pages of an international design magazine, a New York designer wanted to recreate the style of an Australian interior that she has discovered. She came to us to help realize her vision, and this beautiful custom low cocktail table was born.

Custom Lacquer Spray Cube
  • Color Gradation Cube


    Ponderosa Pine
    16 x 16 x 16 H inches
    Natural, Sherwin Williams Custom Lacquer
    Made in USA

    Now gracing a hotel lobby in Denver, these fun cubes were specified by the project designer in a shade of Sherwin Williams paint. We matched the color in a durable custom lacquer for heavy commercial use.

Wooden Milking Stool
  • Milking Stool


    12 x 19 x 15 H inches
    Made in India

    Inspired by the humble contours and utility of a simple milking stool, a classic was updated for the modern styling of a boutique hotel in Miami. The sleek ebony finish made it more suited to a cocktail lounge than a dairy farm - unless your drink of choice happens to be a White Russian.

Hostess Stand
  • Hostess Stand


    Sugar Pine, Steel
    14 x 14 x 36 H inches
    White Wash, Ebony
    Made in USA

    When a restaurant in Washington, DC needed a sleek menu display, their designer came to us for a custom piece at once stylish and functional. We created an outer box of wood and finished it in a striking ombre; the menus tuck into a black metal insert.

Turned Wood Table
  • Turned Wood Table


    14 diameter x 18 H inches
    Made in India

    This table, commissioned by a Boston designer, took a solid block of tropical Margosa wood from India, and the superior craftsmanship of our Indian artisans to create. The lathe-turned grooves and natural, organic surface cracks add interest to the ebony, oil and urethane finish.

Live Edge Conference Table
  • Live Edge Conference Table


    84 x 30 x 30 H inches
    Made in India

    A hotel project demanded a massive piece of furniture that could accommodate today’s technology. We crafted this natural edge conference table from dense Margosa wood, and hollowed out the legs to run electrical wiring access for computers and phones, bringing a sophisticated feel to an upscale resort.

Sculpted Wood End Table
  • Sculpted Wood End Table


    30 x 30 H inches
    White Wash
    Made in USA

    Commissioned for an office project in Texas, this graphic end table was hand formed in solid Margosa wood, and finished with a lovely white washed finish.

Wooden Side Table
  • Wooden Side Table


    Ponderosa Pine
    12 x 14 x 20 H inches
    Made in USA

    Based on a vintage piece that the customer found elsewhere but could not purchase, this custom table of pine is stained in deepest ebony and finished with linseed oil. A modern piece that’s functional and sculptural, made in the USA.

Walnut Tray
  • Walnut Serving Tray


    Walnut wood
    14 diameter x 2 H inches
    Dark Walnut
    Made in USA

    This dual-purpose walnut tray, made in the USA, was commissioned by a chain of home stores in New York for their private label collection. Use one side of the off-set handles for carrying, then flip it over. The handles then act as a stand.

Color Block Cube Table
  • Color Block Cube Table


    Ponderosa Pine
    15 x 15 x 21 H inches
    Dark Walnut, Farrow & Ball Paint
    Made in USA

    A restaurant client wanted our Santa Fe Pine Cubes with a twist, finished in a mix of dark wood stain and a specific shade of Farrow & Ball paint. The result was a refreshing mix of colors and sheens.

Leather Whipstitch Ottoman
  • Leather Whipstitch Ottoman


    18 x 22 x 16 H inches
    Chestnut Brown
    Made in USA

    A New York-based design firm needed a pair of matching leather ottomans in the perfect shade of brown. They turned to us to create them, knowing that our attention to detail, down to the whipstitched edge, would make all the difference.




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