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Naturally Unique - The Inherent Characteristics of Our Solid Wood Furniture Pieces

   |   By Michele

Organic materials that have breathed and thrived, soaking up their environment, possess the marks of growth and the life that came before.

Connoisseurs of quality products value the depth and sophistication that comes from the naturally unique. Such pieces feel alive, bearing the deep longstanding beauty of living things. Organic materials that have breathed and thrived, soaking up their environment, possess the marks of their growth and the life that came before. This is the pedigree of our solid wood furniture. 

The truest embodiment of 'one of a kind', each is an individual with its own unique characteristics, singular and distinctive. Knots, cracks, color and grain pattern variations are not only integral and expected, but admired and celebrated as natural occurrences that chart the existence of the material before artisans formed it into a functional piece. These attributes amplify the organic origins - enhancing the proportions, emphasizing the lines, and imparting character.

This individuality extends to the finishing process; variety in color, depth, and tone is the norm within each block of wood. Areas of the wood absorb colors differently, and the distinctions of hue and pattern that arise are part of the compelling features found in each completed piece. Bow tie inlays are another feature commonly added as decorative elements to bridge the gap on larger cracks and for the overall stability of a solid wood furniture design. It is these wide-ranging variables that will determine the singular character of your particular piece. 

The word imperfect comes from the Latin word imperfectus which means 'incomplete', and that precisely describes our solid wood furniture. It continues to react to its surroundings, expanding and contracting, lightening and darkening, developing a richness that comes with time and is part of the prestige of a luxury heritage product. Owning and caring for solid wood furniture is worthwhile and rewarding; its timeless beauty will be an enduring part of your collection, gracing your home, commercial or hospitality space for generations to come.

Knots, cracks, color and graining variations are not only integral and expected, but admired and celebrated as natural occurrences that chart the existence of the material before artisans formed it into a functional piece.


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